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Wood Auger Bits

Auger BitsWe stock a wide-range of diameters and lengths of wood auger bits which are of high quality and workmanship by manufacturers such as Northwest, Mag-bit, B & A, Irwin, Britmor and Star-M.

NOTE: When ordering wood auger bits, order by the part number which is by the description of the bit followed by the diameter and the length.

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All extensions are heavy duty type with large collars that have to be used with bits 1 inch and larger except the 12 inch which has a smaller collar and can be used with ¾ inch bit and larger.

 Product # Price Description
E-08-557 $29.95 Extension 7/16” x 9”.
E-08-556 $30.85 Extension 7/16” x 12”; smaller collar for smaller bits ¾” & up.
E-08-558 $32.55 Extension 7/16” x 18”.
E-08-559 $34.90 Extension 7/16 x 24”.
E-08-709 $120.00 Extension ½” x 36”; for use with bits 1” and up.







Extension ½” x 48”; for use with bits 1” and up.

Special tapered, double-ended auger bit file.

Diamond fine grit folding tapered file, tapering 3/4" to 1/4". Ideal for sharpening auger bits. Picture in SHARPENING TOOLS section of website.