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Finishing AxesThese Oxhead brand axes from Germany have always been a favorite of log builders everywhere.

The excellent quality of steel in these medium weight heads and the extremely thin blade with wide flare make it very useful for finishing work and even planing.

The widest flare #1002 is the most popular.

Product F is no longer available.




 Product # Price Description
E-03-224 $107.95 (#2001) 4 1/4” cutting edge, 2 1/4 lb. head, 22 1/2" handle
D-03-228 $119.95 (#1001) 5” cutting edge, 2 1/2 lb. head, 23" handle
C-03-231 $134.95 (#1002) wide flare 5 1/4 ” cutting edge, 2 3/4 lb. head; 27” handle.


Chopping AxesWe handle two of the most popular brands of chopping axes manufactured today! These are the Oxhead from Germany and the Arvika from Sweden. Both of these are excellent quality steel and workmanship.

 Product # Price Description
A-03-214 $229.95

Arvika 4 ½ lb. head; 5 ½” blade; 32” custom heavy duty hickory "rough grip" chopping handle.              
This is best price on these Arvika axes in North America. Buy yours today. When inventory
runs out prices will go up. 

B-03-215 $219.95 Arvika axe same as above  except  smooth factory hickory handle.


Oxhead competition chopping axe (not shown but can Emai a picture if requested) 6 lb. head; 7 ¼” blade; 32” hickory chopping handle.

R-03-216 $44.95 Custom grip heavy duty hickory "rough grip" replacement chopping handle 32”.


Throwing AxesSpecially flared double bit heads designed so they stick in competition throwing targets.

 Product # Price Description
X-03-248 $166.95 Oxhead double bit axe with head mounted as a regular chopping axe; 28" handle, 2-1/2 lb. head.
X-03-249 $189.95 Oxhead double bit axe head mounted in reverse as a starter throwing axe;  28” handle, 2 ½ lb. head.
X-03-259 $239.95 Oxhead competition double bit throwing axe; 3 lb. polished silver head; 6" blade; 28" handle (Can Email a picture if requested)


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