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Beam Machine

Lumbermaker Mill

This mil quickly attaches to a chain saw and by using a 2 x 4 or a 2 x 6 as a guide, will make lumber or square timbers. It is especially useful, however, in log construction for accurately cutting out door and window openings. It will also make mitre cuts by nailing guides at required angle.

Product A is no longer available

 Product # Price Description
J-11-595 $29.99 Generic version of lumbermaker
J-11-598 $129.99 Lumbermaker attachment.



Micro-Mill Hi-Precision Chain Saw MillThe Micro-mill mounts quickly and easily on any chain saw and it allows you with an almost non-existent learning curve to cut precision window and door openings and customize timbers and lumber with a skill and ease no other device can match. This mill is precision machined and its patented clamping system rotates 360˚ on sealed precision bearings. The most durable and accurate mill of its type. This mill uses a dressed 2 x 6 as a guide, but for even greater accuracy, the optional “High Precision Kit” is available which uses a 2 x 4 x ¼” aluminum channel as a guide.



 Product # Price Description
B-11-601 $399.99 Micro-mill chain saw mill.
E-11-599 no longer available Micro-mill “High Precision Kit.”


Mini Mill

Mini Mill - GranbergThis attachment quickly clamps to a chain saw bar, and by using a V-shaped guide rail mounted on a 2 x 6, it is especially popular for flattening or squaring timbers and even making smooth lumber from logs. It also is an ideal partner for the Alaskan Mark III by using it to square the log, then as an edger for the lumber. Made by Granberg.


 Product # Price Description
B-11-602 $184.00 Mini Mill attachment complete with 12 feet of guide rail.

Manufactured by Granberg
B-11-602R $9.25 V-rail 2 foot sections with screws - used as guide rail for the mill


Alaskan Small Log MillClamps onto your chainsaw bar with no drilling required. Tighten pressure bolts on to chain bar to make cuts up to 18” wide and 1/2” to 13” deep. Lightweight and portable, enables user to mill lumber where the tree falls. No previous experience required! Ideal for making slabs, planks and beams.


 Product # Price Description
A-11-603 $225.00 Alaskan small log mill.
Made by Granberg

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Alaskan Mark IV MillAn innovative attachment which clamps to your chain saw bar and converts your chainsaw into a highly portable sawmill. Safe and easy to use, this mill was designed to produce smooth dimensional lumber from rough logs at any job site. This tool comes in a variety of sizes for various bar lengths and consists of a parallel bar that adjusts in varying distances from the chain saw bar for the desired thickness of material. The first slab is taken off by following usually an H-style rail. All mills now are Mark IV with improved end brackets and clamp assemblies.

The Mark IV Mill is manufactured by Granberg.


 Product # Price Description
C-11-604 $329.00 24” mill (handles up to 21” logs).
C-11-605 $339.00 30” mill (handles up to 27” logs).


$349.00 36” mill (handles up to 33” logs).
C-11-608 $379.00 48" mill (handles up to 45" logs)
C-11-656 $409.00 56" mill (handles up to 53" logs)
C-11-666 $439.00 60" mill (handles up to 57" logs)
C-11-657 $489.00 72" mill (handles up to 69" logs)
C-11-669 $529.00 84" mill (handles up to 81" logs)



C2 kit. Includes a 3rd bracket, a 2nd on / off bar and hardware.

Reinforces the mill and enables more accurate cuts when

slabbing a log. Recommended for mills 48" and up in length. 

A-11-498 $125.95

Extended depth post 36” long
to increase cutting depth of Mark IV mill from 16” to 36”

EZ-Rail System

EZ RailsThe NEW  10Foot EZ-Rail System from Granberg! The best way to make a perfect first cut with a Granberg Mill, now even better! Comes in two 5′ sections. Makes for easy transport and increased versatility.

Aircraft-grade aluminum rails provide a stable surface that attaches in seconds and is easily leveled left to right, front and back. Cross members are adjustable along whole length of the EZ rails.

 Product # Price Description
W-11-704 $369.00 10Foot EZ-Rail System from Granberg! Comes in two 5′ sections. Single piece dog hinge plate for easier assembly.Four cross members for added stability.
W-11-706 $249.00 E-Z Rail Kit 5 ft - comes with 2 cross members & 2 securing dogs
W-11-707 $32.00 E-Z-Rail connector kit (to connect 2 sections together to make longer guide)
X-11-708 $19.75

Longer cross member to widen EZ-Rail System from 12” to 24” wide. Recommended when using EZ-Rail System for mills 56” and longer and milling logs 48” diameter and larger. 4 cross members required for 10 ft EZ rail and 2 for 5 ft EZ-Rail

Z-11-709 $3.95 Longer 6” screws for securing EZ-Rail system to large diameter logs

Alaskan Winch

Alaskan Winch

The Alaskan Winch® is a hand winch for the Alaskan Mill. The increased mechanical advantage of this tool makes milling easier and the cut smoother. It also has a unique lever arm anchor system that allows you to cut right to the end of the log. This light weight design attaches easily to the cross rails and is incredibly strong and durable.

The Alaskan Winch includes the Winch,  38ft of rope and the lever arm anchor system. Enables user to cut up to a 18 foot log!


 Product # Price Description
A-11-499 $179.95 Alaskan Winch by Granberg


Helper Handle

Helper HandleWhen sawing large logs a helper handle is used for two person milling. It is used with a roller for double-ended bars and without for sprocket nose bars. Sprocket nose must be drilled to use helper handle.


 Product # Price Description
D-11-607 $79.95 Helper handle without roller. Requires drilling 2 hols in sprocket nose bar.
R-11-609 $129.95 Helper handle with roller and adjuster for double-ended bar.


Slabbing Rail Brackets

Slabbing Rail BracketsSlabbing rail brackets are used to set up your H-style rail which is nailed to the round log and used as a guide for your Alaskan mill to cut your first slab.  

 Product # Price Description
E-11-614 $54.95 Slabbing rail bracket 16" long, with hardware; set of 2 brackets.


Can be used with two chain saw power units for more power and milling speed or with a helper handle. Generally used when milling large logs. Standard gauge is .063” and has bushings to make it a universal mount for most popular saws.

Double Ended Cannon Milling Bars

 Product # Price Description
F-11-616 $747.00 Cannon double-ended bar 56”.
F-11-617 $894.00 Cannon double-ended bar 66”.
F-11-700 $974.00 Cannon double-ended bar 72".
E-14-701 $1483.00 Cannon double-ended bar 84".
E-14-702 $1717.00 Cannon double-ended bar 96" 


See prices for single ended bars in bar section of our website

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Oiler KitProvides a means for adding extra lubricating oil to your cutter bar and chain saw. Gives your bar and chain longer life for faster cutting. (no larger image available).






 Product # Price Description
G-11-618 $79.95 Oiler kit.


OregonRipping Chain

Semi chisel chain specially factory ground to 10˚ for making dimensional boards or planks from larger timbers by cutting parallel to the wood grain or “ripping”.


Granberg style ripping chain is made up of one set of scoring cutters and one set of clearing cutters. The scoring cutters (file at 20˚) cut a groove down each side of the kerf. The following two center clearing cutters (file at 0˚) remove the center ridge left by the scoring cutters. Depth gauges have to be lowered according to the power of your chain saw.

 Product # Price Description






Oregon ripping chain. Available in .050”, .058”, .063” gauge and 3/8” pitch. Must specify gauge required. Also available in .325", 3/8" Low Pro,,& .404" pitch.                                3/8" pitch & 3/8" Low Pro.

.325" pitch

.404" pitch




.75/drive link



Granberg ripping chain. Available in .050”, .058”, and .063” gauge and 3/8” pitch. Must specify gauge required. Also available in .325" and .404" pitch.                                     3/8"pitch                                                                        .325" pitch  

.404" pitch

A-11-620 $59.95 Granberg G106B File-N-Joint precision file guide.
B-11-621 $17.95 Granberg G2400 Newfiler file guide.







Granberg G1012XT precision grinder, c/w clamp-on guide  12 volt.

Granberg G912XT GRIND-N-JOINT, free-hand held, 12 volt.

D-11-623 $8.99 Grinding stones, 3/pack of 7/32", 3/16", 5/32", or 1/4"
Please specify which size stone you require.
F-11-625 $3.75 KOOL GRIND grinding compound. Grind cooler & longer. 
E-11-624 $67.95 Granberg G605C Break-N-Mend (breaks & rivets chain)


Headcutter miter Attachment

Headcutter Miter AttatchmentThis attachment clamps to any chain saw in seconds transforming it into a giant vertical cutting jigsaw. It is laterally angularly adjustable through 75˚ from vertical. It has a wide sturdy base plate which fully supports the weight of the saw through its angular range and provides excellent stability for accurate freehand cuts with a long cutting bar. By using the top cutting edge of the bar, the chain cutters throw wood chips away from the operator and cut area. This in combination with a large opening in the base plate and the U-shaped chain bar clamp located will behind the upper cutting edge of the chain bar provide an unobstructed view of the cutting chain as it is applied to the wood. With the HEADCUTTER the operator can easily guide the chain saw to follow a snap-line or scribed arc making it the perfect “framer’s” tool for gang cutting ganged lumber, beams placed on edge, structural insulated roof panels, etc. beyond the reach of most circulars.

 Product # Price Description
K-11-697 $499.95 HEADCUTTER Miter attachment: 75˚ range, 14" x 20" base with pusher handle; will accommodate chainsaws with wider bars
K-11-698 $399.95 HEADCUTTER miter attachment; 75˚ range, 10" x 16" base


Miter Mill AttatchmentThe MITER MILL is the latest elite edition of chain saw mills built with precision and quality only known to genuine products. Great for miter cuts up to 70˚ for gang milling beams, custom roof trusses, gable ends or any miter angle on structurally insulated panels. The MITER MILL is second to none in versatility, durability and accuracy +/- ¼˚. The MITER MILL uses a patented clamping system which allows you to clamp anywhere on your cutting bar without drilling holes. The MITER MILL weighs only 10 lbs, fits chainsaw bars up to 20” and cuts angles 70˚ in one direction and 30˚ in the other. It is fully assembled and all components are hard anodized aluminum for increased wear quality and durability. An adjustable fence can be mounted in five different configurations – can run on edge or flip over to run on fence.

Its multi uses include gang cutting timber rafters, cutting birds mouths ganged or individual, pattern or template cutting, stopped cuts, valley “V” cuts on timbers, pitch cuts on timbers, stress skin panels – all cuts, truss construction, post beam construction, ripping cuts, curve cuts and miters.

 Product # Price Description
M-11-699 no longer available MITER MILL attachment; 30˚/70˚ range.

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Log Wizard

Log WizardThis one-of-a-kind chain saw attachment turns your chain saw into an amazing new tool. The LOG WIZARD gives you the freedom of time and value of creation. It attaches to your chain saw bar by drilling two holes, comes supplied with 3/8 and .325 sprockets, weighs under 3 lbs and fits all chain saws. Its many uses include de-barker, planer, notcher, router, knot remover and post sharpener.

 Product # Price Description
P-11-608 $269.95 LOG WIZARD attachment. Comes with 3/8" and .325" rims
R-11-695 $129.95 Generic version of Log Wizard


$.49 per drive link

Cutterless chain to safely operate your LOG WIZARD. Only available in 3/8" pitch. You need 7 extra links more than your bar normally takes. . We also give you extra connector in case you have to shorten chain. You also have plenty of adjustment when you mount your WIZARD on the bar in the two holes you drill.


Atom Drill

Atom DrillThis attachment, by ATOM of Australia, quickly mounts on practically any chain saw and when fitted with a wood auger bit, will allow the operator to quickly drill up to 1 ½” holes in logs, beams, joists, timbers and what have you. One excellent feature on this unit is that it has an AUGER-STOP which switches the gear box into neutral if a sudden jamming occurs when drilling. Another feature allows the operator to then pull on the unit to automatically reverse the auger from the jammed position. Other features of this durable unit are tough re-enforced gear box construction, self-locking collar, 11 ball and roller bearings, forged steel machine cut hardened pinion gear, and protective chain and bar cover. When ordering, you must state make and model of your chain saw and pitch and number of chain you are running. Auger bits are sold separately.


 Product # Price Description
R-11-610 $539.95 ATOM drill attachment with AUGER-STOP and automatic reverse.


This amazing little winch attaches quickly directly to your chain saw engine and has a straight line pull of 4000 lbs a up to 8000 lbs with an optional snatch block, with variable line speed of 60 to 80 ft/min. Fits all brands of chain saws and weighs only 22 lbs without cable. Safety features include a disconnect clutch to free-wheel the cable and a hand brake to control cable and load speed. Its many uses include log skidding, off-roading, hunting, boating, lifting and fence tensioning. Requires a minimum of maintenance.



 Product # Price Description
L-11-613 $949.95 LEWIS chain saw winch complete with 150’ of 3/16” aircraft cable and safety hook.


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