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Japanese Specialty Tools

These Japanese manufactured tools are very convenient for marking and layout work which in turn makes them extremely popular.

Japanese flex square

Flex SquaresThese squares will flex around the curved surface of a log or timber and are available in different configurations.

Click on the image at right to see a closer view. We carry metric only, imperial only and a combination style.

The two rulers in the center of the image are meant to show the flexible properties.



 Product # Price Description
A-08-664 $46.95 Metric 25 cm. X 50 cm. one side and Imperial 10” x 20” other side.
B-08-665 $44.95 Metric both sides, 1.5 cm. wide beam; 25 cm. x 50 cm. beam length. 
C-08-666 $55.95 Imperial 10” x 20” both sides; also has a Kakume scale one side which indicates what diameter round log will make a perfectly square timber.


Self-Rewinding Ink LinesThe ink line is a Japanese innovation which makes a very fine, bold line that is easy to follow especially when making a cut. It comes with a pin style end that can be easily pushed into any wood surface, also doubles as a plumb line.

Please note: Ink lines do not come with ink, please order your choice of colour and size of ink. Scroll down to Japanese Ink section.

 Product # Price Description
D-08-669 $67.60 Large; Tajima auto-winding ink line c/w pin; auto-winding to 33 feet; manual additional release to 66 feet; reel lock.
T-08-684 $69.60 Large; Tajima auto-winding ink line c/w pin; auto-winding to 33 feet; manual additional release to 66 feet; reel lock. 
E-08-647 $44.95 Medium sized; Tajima auto-winding ink line c/w pin; self-winding to 25 feet; manual additional release to 66 feet.


Manual retrieve chalk linesAnother Japanese innovation that makes a fine clean line that is easy to follow when cutting. Comes with a pin that is easily pushed into a wooden surface.


 Product # Price Description
G-08-673 $33.95 Tajima small manual retrieve chalk line with pin; 50 ft. line; quick view canister; reel lock.
H-08-674 $39.95 Tajima large manual retrieve 66 ft. chalk line with pin; quick view canister; reel lock (very popular).

Auto-Rewind Chalk linesJapanese Quick Retrieve & Auto-Rewind Chalk Lines




 Product # Price Description
J-08-644 $52.25 NEW Tajima medium sized chalk lines; strong die-cast red aluminum body; 100 foot 1.0 mm. bold braided line with retractable pin; fast 3:1 ratio 5 gear drive manual retrieve; reel lock; very, very popular.
J-08-644AB $29.95 NEW Tajima medium sized chalk lines; strong ABS black body; Jam Free line spool; 100 foot 1.0 mm. bold braided line with retractable pin; fast 3:1 ratio 5 gear drive manual retrieve; reel lock; very popular
K-08-645 $36.95 Tajima auto-rewind chalk line with pin; self-rewind to 23 ft.; manual release to 32 ft.; quick view canister; unique chalk metering sleeve; chalk mixing ball.

Japanese Ink

Japanese Ink

Quick drying ink specially made for use in ink lines.







 Product # Price Description
A-08-641 $22.50 Black ink refill; 380 ml. (13oz). 
B-08-642 $15.00 Black ink refill; 180 ml. (6oz). 
C-08-672 $16.00 Red ink refill; 180 ml. (6oz). 
T-08-681 $17.00 Blue ink refill; 180 ml. (6oz). 

Waterproof Chalk

Waterproof Chalk

This chalk is made in Canada and is waterproof. Advantages are that is won’t wash or blow away and won’t bleed over the log or timber eliminating time wasting cleanup. Tested and proven in outdoor conditions.

 Product # Price Description
GA-08-627 $4.30 Blackline black waterproof chalk; 8 oz refill.   
GB-08-628 $33.95 Blackline black waterproof chalk; 5 lb. refill.  
HA-08-629 $4.30 Redline red waterproof chalk; 8 oz refill.  
HB-08-630 $33.95 Redline red waterproof chalk; 5 lb. refill.  

Replacement Pins & LineReplacement Pins and Line


 Product # Price Description
I-08-675 $17.95 Tajima pins; 5 pack; replacement for ink and chalk lines; also for securing flex squares.   
J-08-631 $11.95 Tajima pin; 3 pack.   
K-08-632 $10.95 Tajima pin; 3 pack.   
L-08-633 $11.95 Tajima retractable (safety) pin; 2 pack.     
M-08-634 $3.90 Shinwa retractable (safety) pin; 1 per pack.   
N-08-635 $8.95 Shinwa pin with O-ring; 3 pack.
O-08-643 $7.50 Shinwa replacement ink line; .5 mm. (.020”) x 20m. (65 ft.).
P-08-636 $12.95 Tajima replacement ink line; standard in ink lines; .6 mm. (0.24”) x 40 m. (130 ft.)  
Q-08-637 $12.95 Tajima replacement ink line; .8 mm. (0.32”) x 30 m. (100 ft.)  
R-08-638 $12.50 Tajima replacement chalk line; 1.0 mm. (0.40”) x 30 m. (100 ft.) Standard line in chalk lines. 
R-08-639 $12.50 Tajima replacement chalk line; 0.5 mm. (0.20”) x 30 m. (100 ft.)

Plumb Bob Holder

Plumb Bob Holder

This universal holder has a pin that can be driven into any wood surface such as a log and hang a plumb bob with clearance from wall. It has 15 ft. of self rewinding string that can be set at different tensions to hold any plumb bob from 3oz. to 35oz. It also has a built in bracket that flips out and allows hanging from a surface such as stud wall and has a magnetic base which allows attaching to metal surfaces.

 Product # Price Description
B-08-667 $25.95 Universal plumb bob holder.     
C-08-668-X $18.95 Quick stabilizing plumb bob 10 oz
C-08-668-Y $23.25 Quiick stabilizing plumb bob 14 oz.
C-08-668-Z $26.35 Quick stabilizing plumb bob  21 oz.
D-08-670BX $39.95 Universal plumb bob holder & 10 oz. plumb bob, set.
D-08-671BY $43.95 Universal plumb bob holder & 14 oz. plumb bob, set.

Japanese pull saws

Japanese Pull Saws These hand saws are very popular because they cut quickly and smoothly on the pull stroke with less effort than conventional push saws.

 Product # Price Description
J-08-677 $54.95 Kataba fast cutting crosscut pull saw; 9 TPI; 13” blade;  cuts .052”kerf; 28” overall; blade thickness .036”.  Supplied with rubber handle. Straw handle available if requested.       
J-08-677R $29.95 Replacement blade; 13” long; 9 TPI; cuts .052” kerf; blade thickness .036”.
K-08-678 $41.95 Kataba crosscut pull saw; 14 TPI; 10 ½” blade; cuts .037” kerf; 23 ½” overall; blade thickness .025”.  Supplied with rubber handle only.
K-08-678R $20.95 Replacement blade for #678 above.
L-08-679 $29.95 Folding pull saw; 9 TPI; 8 ½” blade; cuts .037” kerf; 17 ½” overall.    
L-08-677R $12.95 Replacement blade for #679 above.
M-08-680 NLA Dozuki steel back fine cut saw; 25 TPI; 9 ½” blade; 21” overall.
M-08-680R $21.95 Replacement blade for #680 above.

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