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All your valuable quality chisels and gouges should be struck with a mallet. We stock a wide variety including hickory, hornbeam, polyurethane, leather and deadblow.

Hickory carpenter mallets

Hickory Carpenter Mallets

Made in the U.S. of supreme hickory, these come with flat faces in round or barrel shaped heads and various sizes and weights. The handles are oval for better grip and are cemented and pinned to the head.

Products A, B, D no longer available

 Product # Price Description
E-05-369 $33.95 3-1/2” x 5-1/2” round head; 28 oz. wt.

Beechwood & hornbeam carver's mallets

Beechwood & Hornbeam Carver's MalletsThese mallets are traditional European styles and are made from the finest hardwoods. Advantage of this style is that it is always in striking position when you pick it up in your hand.

 Product # Price Description
F-05-363 NLA 4 ¾” diameter; 32 oz. beechwood mallet by Matador; 10 ½” long. Made from 2 pieces.
H-05-366 $69.95 3 ½” diameter; 22 oz. hornbeam Swiss mallet; 11” long; made from single piece of wood.
H-05-368 $84.95 4-3/8" diameter; 30 oz. hornbeam Swiss mallet; 11" long; made from 2 pieces.


synthetic & rawhide mallets

Synthetic & Rawhide MalletsThese synthetic mallets are very durable and are the preferred mallet by timber framers. The leather mallets have the benefit of being non-marking. All are weighted to get optimum striking force.


 Product # Price Description
K-05-302 $84.95 30 oz. tough polyurethane mallet; 3 ½” diameter; 10 ½” long; very popular.  
LR-05-303R $29.50 1 5/8” diameter replacement tips; pair.

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