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What's New at Log Building Tools

Woodland Mills Portable Bandsaw MillBandsaw Mill from Woodland Mills

The HM126 portable sawmill is a well-built and user-friendly sawmill that makes the perfect tool for hobby sawyers. It's simple-to-use features make it easy for operators to quickly turn a log into lumber. The HM126 is the most economical and well-built sawmill in its class!

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Chambers Log-Scribers

New Chambers Log-ScriberThe world's first scriber designed from the ground up for log home construction. Can be used for horizontal scribing (stairs, roof systems, drywall) and laser scribing (precision-milled hole for standard bore-sight lasers) and includes a built-in lanyard hole for carrying on your tool belt.

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Log Tenon Cutters

DESIGN. BUILD. USE. The heat treated T6 aluminum body with rolled threads to retain the blade is very light and durable. The easy to use leveling bubble and depth setting assure perfect tenons every time.

We have added multi-tenon cutters, different sizes and combinations, replacement blades and an air clamp to our tenon-cutters page.

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Sanding Pads and Brushes

We have added a new category of products to our website. The Osborn Buffing Cup Brushes are the first addition to this category. These brushes are heavily filled with nylon filaments which are impregnated with silicon carbide 80 grit. Especially useful in removing old finish and for smoothing sanded surfaces.

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