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Safety Equipment


Safety EquipmentWorker’s Safety Boards make it mandatory that leg protectors be worn by chain saw operators. These meet the Worksafe BC standards which are the most stringent in Canada if not the world. This Standard calls for protection of 3600 TCS (threshold chain speed). Available with front leg protection only or front leg and back calf protection.


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Forester chain saw chaps; 28" front safety pads, adjustable quick release leg straps; 37" overall length; 3600 TCS








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Forester chain saw chaps: 28" safety pads; 37 " overall length; adjustable belt; 3600 TCS; full front & back calf protection; quick release leg straps.


Hard Hat Assembly

This assembly offers the best of head, ear, and eye protection with safety and comfort in mind. The hat features a ratchet quick adjustment, the Peltor green muffs are roomy and comfortable with the high decibel rating, and the wire mesh screen is durable and flips up out of the way. (Shown as #C in image above)

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Hard hat, 6 point suspension; ratchet adjustment; Peltor ear muffs; face screen assembly.

Forester hard hat assembly, 6 point ratchet style hard hat, including ear muffs & face screen.