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Shaping Tools


Shaping ToolsThese tools are ideal for the carving and shaping required in woodworking and manufacturing of furniture, bowls, spindles and railings.



 Product # Price Description
P-04-111 $58.50 Swiss drawknife; 12” length; 5” blade; straight cherry handle.
Q-04-112 $69.00 Swiss drawknife; 11” handle spread; 5” blade; angled cherry handle.
R-04-113 $49.00 Swiss scorp for fine shaping such as hollowing out bowls, etc.
X-04-109 $59.95 Matador (German) scorp; 3-1/2" blade diameter, one-handed.
W-04-108 $96.90 PFEIL inshave (scorp) 5 1/2" base, two-handed.
Z-04-107 $90.90 PFEIL scorp, 2-1/2" blade diameter, one-handed
B-04-115 $249.00 Barr (US) Mike Dunbar hand-forged chairmakers scorp; 5/16" X 1-1/4"; 4" base diameter.