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Log Home Foam Seal or Gasket

Industrial PVC Foam

Log Home SealPVC Foam tape is used in log home construction to seal against moisture, dust and air drafts while being fire resistant and thermally insulative.

Magard Ventures carries Novagard Solutions brand foam gaskets which are a comprehensive line of custom engineered PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Foam and FoamTapes designed to provide an economical solution to your most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements.

  • Closed cell structures seal out light, air, dust and moisture
  • Cushions against shock and vibration
  • Resistant to most solvents and chemicals
  • Service temperatures of -40C to 80C
  • Fire resistant and ultraviolet resistant

Log Home Joint Designs

Adhesive Properties

  • Water based acrylic
  • Good initial tack and high shear
  • Excellent resistance to plasticizers
  • Builds bond strength over time
  • Available in standard black


Physical Properties:

Density (lbs/cu ft): 7
Shore Hardness "00":25
Force to Compress 25%: 3.6 psi
Compression deflection: 1.3 psi
Water Absorption: 3%
Tensile strength: 30 psi
Elongation: 190%



 Product # Price Description


no longer available

3/8" thick x 1/2" wide x 25 ft roll



3/8" thick x 1/2" wide x 25 ft roll - case 48 rolls - 1200ft

B-25-898R NLA 1/2" thick x 1/2" wide x 25 ft roll
B-25-898C NLA 1/2" thick x 1/2" wide x 25 ft roll - case 30 rolls - 750ft